17-Bullet Tips To Take Care of a Laptop Battery


17-Bullet Tips to Take Care of a Laptop Battery. Laptop is really a very necessary machine now a days.About a lot of people use it but very few people know about the way to take care of a laptop battery. In this way the battery is one type of heart of a laptop.If there is no battery power then without electricity you can’t operate it.So we must know the rules to take care of a laptop battery.

17-Bullet Tips to Take Care of a Laptop Battery

Let’s see the following tips:

1. Decrease the brightness of the screen of your laptop at the time of using

2. Minimize the unnecessary windows.

3. Switch off the Bluetooth & Wi-fi connection.

4. Play movie/song or anything else from hard disk. If you play it from dvd/cd rom it then will take more power from the battery.

5. Keep open the path of air vent so that air can pass easily. Don’t try to open the air vent when laptop is running.

6. Laptop positioning will be in such a way so that air can pass easily.

7. Use Hibernate option in lieu of Shut Down

8. Keep the laptop free from direct Sunlight.

9. Clean the connector line of the battery in a routine way.

10. Keep closed the unnecessary programs.

11. Don’t do any maintenance related work of Hard Disk & CPU.

12. If you use your laptop by electricity then use it 1 or 2 days in a week by battery. Otherwise  the will be damaged.

13. At the time of laptop starting Keep closed the unnecessary programs

14. Keep away to use your data connectedly from smartphone, usb port, pendrive, memory card or something else.

15. Use air cooler machine to keep the laptop cool. Because excessive heat is danger for the battery.

16. Use defragment once in a week.

17. Uninstall unnecessary software/programs.

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How To Use Internet Smartly With This Mouse Trick


Mouse Trick:

Everyday we use internet & browse a lot of sites.Of them about everyone use social sites like Facebook, Twitter, digg, etc. The scroll button of a mouse is very much important to browse these sites.Bucause with this button we make the webpages scrolling down or up to see different comments,photo,share etc. Those who pass a long time on net they often suffer from the pain of wrist or fingers or thumbs as they scroll the mouse up & down a lot. There is a very small trick to avoid scrolling a  lot. Let’s check the mouse trick.

Keep the cursor on a webpage & click the scroll button. It will show a round scroll button. Now move your mouse up & down, left or right easily. See what happened? If you take the mouse up then the webpage will go down & if you do the opposite then you will get the opposite result. Same in the case of left or right side going.

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Now we can easily browse in different sites by using this mouse trick. The world is moving fast so here if you can’t become fast then everyone will dominate you. So if you don’t want to be dominated by the others then you must have to be fast with some smart tricks. So follow this mouse trick and be a smart boy or girl.

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Bonus Trick:

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How to Speed Up Your PC by Commanding

Speed Up Your PC:

To speed up our work shortly in pc we use command. By using these  System Utility & DOS commands anyone can work fastly which is really time consuming.

N.B. You can write these commands in your pc in 2 ways.

First: By pressing Windows Button.

Second: By pressing (Windows Button+R)

Then write your necessary command to operate your PC.

List of System Utility Commands:

Cleanmgr.exe=To clean Disc.

Sysdm.cpl=To see System Properties

Control=To open Control Panel

Msconfig=To start System Configuration Tool

Regedt32 or regedit=To open Registry Editor

Diskmgmt.msc=To start Disk Management

Devmgmt.msc=To open Device Manager

Compmgmt.msc=To open Computer management

dfrgui.exe=For Didc Defragment


List Of DOS Commands of Microsoft:

Here write the commands by using the above mentioned second Way.That means By pressing (Windows Button+R)

Then write Cmd & open Command Prompt of Microsoft by which these DOS commands will be utilized.

Format=To format Disc Partition

Copy=To copy Files

Chkdsk=To check Disc Error & & to Repair.

Rmdir=To delete files with folder

Xcopy=To copy files with folder

Move=To move files somewhere else

Rename/ren=To rename File & folder

Convert=To convert from FAT32 File System  to NTFS File system

Edit=To edit & making Text Files

Shutdown=To shutdown computer

Del=To delete any file

Attrib=For the management of Files’ Attributes

Mkdir/md=To create new folder

Type=To see the material of a file without opening it.

Cd=In going from one folder to another

Dir=To see the list of Files & Folders.

So enjoy the commanding in your pc to speed up your work.


How to Reduce Computer Startup Time in a Minute

Reduce Computer Startup Time

Reduce Computer Startup Time. If your computer take a huge time to be started up then it is really boring to use that  as the world is moving fast. So we must start it as quickly as possible.Lets see how can we do that.

How to Reduce Computer Startup Time in a Minute

1. Go to “start>run”  & then write   “msconfig” & then press “Enter”


2. A box will appear. In that box Click “Startup”

3. Now unmark/uncheck the programmes which you have no need & keep the others.

4. Then click “Apply” & then Click “OK”


Now Restart your computer & monitor the start up time. What do you get?

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