17-Bullet Tips To Take Care of a Laptop Battery

17-Bullet Tips to Take Care of a Laptop Battery. Laptop is really a very necessary machine now a days.About a lot of people use it but very few people know about the way to take care of a laptop battery. In this way the battery is one type of heart of a laptop.If there is no battery power then without electricity you can’t operate it.So we must know the rules to take care of a laptop battery.

17-Bullet Tips to Take Care of a Laptop Battery

Let’s see the following tips:

1. Decrease the brightness of the screen of your laptop at the time of using

2. Minimize the unnecessary windows.

3. Switch off the Bluetooth & Wi-fi connection.

4. Play movie/song or anything else from hard disk. If you play it from dvd/cd rom it then will take more power from the battery.

5. Keep open the path of air vent so that air can pass easily. Don’t try to open the air vent when laptop is running.

6. Laptop positioning will be in such a way so that air can pass easily.

7. Use Hibernate option in lieu of Shut Down

8. Keep the laptop free from direct Sunlight.

9. Clean the connector line of the battery in a routine way.

10. Keep closed the unnecessary programs.

11. Don’t do any maintenance related work of Hard Disk & CPU.

12. If you use your laptop by electricity then use it 1 or 2 days in a week by battery. Otherwise  the will be damaged.

13. At the time of laptop starting Keep closed the unnecessary programs

14. Keep away to use your data connectedly from smartphone, usb port, pendrive, memory card or something else.

15. Use air cooler machine to keep the laptop cool. Because excessive heat is danger for the battery.

16. Use defragment once in a week.

17. Uninstall unnecessary software/programs.

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