How To Delete Inactive Facebook Friends In a Minute

Facebook Friends are most welcome in our Facebook accounts. We know a lot of friends in our practical world. But we don’t know a lot of Facebook Friends of our Facebook accounts. Facebook Friends list can’t exceed 5000 Friends. Of these 5000 friends there are some fake or deactivated or inactive Facebook Friends. But if you want to check every Facebook Profile manually then you will need a lot of time and of course it is really very tough for everyone of us. Today I will show you the trick to delete Inactive FacebookFriends with the help of a small Google Chrome Extension named ‘Facebook Inactive Friends Removal’. To Perform this trick you must have to install the Google Chrome Browser. It will not work in any other browser than Google Chrome.

How To Delete Inactive Facebook Friends In a Minute

  • Open the Google Chrome Browser.
  • Go to The Page by Clicking HERE
  • Now you have to install it. So click on Free (which is upper right corner in blue button). It will start automatically download and install.
  • After the completion of installation of the extension it will be added to the browsing bar at the right handed corner.
  • At that corner you will see a man with Facebook sign “f”. If you can see then you have to understood that you have installed the extension perfectly.
  • Now you have to find out the inactive Facebook friends.

How to use it:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Now click on the Upper Right Handed Corner ‘Facebook Inactive Friends Removal’ Icon like the image below.
  • How To Delete Inactive Facebook Friends



  • A box will pop-up like the image below saying that “You are on the wrong Page, click here to open.” So click on this sentence.
  • How To Delete Inactive Facebook Friends
  • Now you Facebook friends list will open. Now click the ‘Facebook Inactive Friends Removal Icon‘ from the upper right handed browser corner like the 1st image above.
  • Now again the Pop Up box will open saying “START“. So click on Start like the image below.
  • How To Delete Inactive Facebook Friends
  • Now the main work has been started. Wait a while. The extension will find out and delete the inactive Facebook Friends automatically.
  • When the job will will done then it will provide you or show you the result by popping up a box like the image below saying Removed x Deactivated Accounts.
  • How To Delete Inactive Facebook Friends
  • Now check the total number of your Facebook Friends and of course you have to say it is really awesome.
  • If you have a lot of Facebook accounts then you can apply this trick in every account to delete Inactive Facebook Friends instantly.
  • Remember this extension will only work in Google Chrome Browser. It is not possible to install it in other browsers. So don’t try it in other browsers.

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