150 Dollars Top free Video Editing Software

150 Dollars Top free Video Editing Software

Top free Video Editing Software: WonderFox Software is a software making company which very much renowned in the world of software making. Recently this software company provided a great offer to download 7 Premium Top free Video Editing Software. This was really an unthinkable thankful offer. Actually this type of offer by the software companies … Read more

How To Change IP Address by-Hotspot Shield


IP Address:

Sometimes we really need to change our IP Address in online for a better performance. Otherwise it’s really very tough to access some sites. Then we need to change our IP Address. We can do it manually. But most of the online users are not accustomed to this process. So they choose the way of free or paid software by which anyone feel comfort to do the mentioned job. There are many freeware for this purpose but I will suggest Hotspot Shield which is really very much user friendly by creating a Virtual Secret Network. By this software you can easily get the IP Address of USA,UK or Australia.

Lets see How:

1. Download the software from HERE

2. Install it.

3. When the installation is complete then it will search for its’ Secure Connection like the Image below.


4. Then keep the settings like the image below or you can change  it by your choice.


5. Then you will see the image like below showing “PROTECTED” & Virtual Location UNITED STATES. You can also change your Virtual Location to UK or Australia. So it’s up to you.

4 copy (FILEminimizer)

N.B. When the connection is secured then it will show Green Colour Sign & in the opposite it will show Red Colour & in the way of connecting it will show Yellow Colour.

So the enjoy browsing by changing IP Address.

How to Checkup Hard Disk Instantly to Save a Lot of Money

How to Checkup Hard Disk Instantly

How to Checkup Hard Disk Instantly

How to Checkup Hard Disk Instantly. Hard Disk is a very important part of a computer. All necessary documents are stored here. So if it is affected by anything then we will lost  a lot of valuable documents. So we must checkup hard disk instantly.

Today I will tell you the name of a software to checkup Hard Disk Instantly. Size is 11.2 M.B. This is Active @ Hard Disk Monitor. This software is developed by LSoft.net. After installation different information about Hard Disk from its’ Basic Info & Smart Info will be available. You will know the temperature record of the Hard Disk from its Temperature Graph. You can know about the bad sectors of a Hard Disk from the Scan Disk part. This is really very much important for any laptop or desktop user.

With the help of this software’s report anyone can take necessary steps to keep his hard disk clean, fast and active which assures the best service of a hard disk. You can also make yourself clear by observing the following image of Active @ Hard Disk Monitor.

How to Checkup Hard Disk Instantly

So don’t hesitate to download it from HERE

If the above link don’t work then you can also download it from HERE.


You can also download the user guide to use it perfectly. If you found this article helpful then never hesitate to share it in different social medias. If you have any better software to checkup hard disk instantly then let me and my visitors know about that by commenting in the comments section. Otherwise you can also contact me by clicking in the contact section.


So now enjoy checkup hard disk instantly by the above mentioned Software. If you think that I have left any point to describe then please comment in the comment section. Me in Facebook and Twitter.

Download Paid Image Compression Software Fully Free

Best Image Compression Software

Now a days a lot of people use digital camera to take photo.The photo size become 2-6.5M.B which is really very much tough & time killing to share it in facebook & in other websites as the net speed is too slow to upload it fastly. So if we decrease the photo size then it is very much easy to share it to our friends & family by uploading it quickly & effectively.

Download Paid Image Compression Software Fully Free

Anyone can do it in photoshop but everyone is not expert in photoshop.So we need the help of a software named “FILE Minimizer pictures 3.0″ This is really an awesome image compression software by which you can easily compress your photo by decrease the size from 6.4M.B to 99.6K.Bing .

So download it now & enjoy the software & share it with your friends.


Download From Here


1.Install the software.

  1. Click “Open Files‘ & select your photo.

3.Click Optimize Files‘ & it will start compression the image.

  1. You can also change the destination folder by clicking “Settings” & then clicking “Output Folder” like the below photo & select where you want the compressed photo to be saved.

Now check your photo size ,What happened.Bye today. Like our Facebook Fan Page and Follow in Twitter. If the download link don’t work then please let me know by your valuable comments in the comment section. Hope you will enjoy this great image compression software.

Download Free Tuneup Utility Software

free tuneup utility software


We use different types of utility software to solve different computer related problems.But if we get all of those opportunities in a software named Free Tuneup Utility Software then what will you say?Yes man, there is such a software named Tuneup Utilities of 16.4 M.B.

By this software you can-

1. Defragment

2. Start up Manager

3. Registry Defragment

4. Maintenance

5. Memory Optimizer

6. Shortcut Cleaner

7. Speed Optimizer

8. Un deletor

9. Styler

10. Process Manager


12. Uninstaller

13. Registry Cleaner etc



Direct Download Link:









If you found free tuneup utility software very helpful for your pc then share this post in different social medias so that a lot of people can get this software fully free. If you have any better software then please let me and my visitors know by commenting in the comments section. Remember, don’t try to spam by commenting. Bye today.