How To Use Internet Smartly With This Mouse Trick

Mouse Trick:

Everyday we use internet & browse a lot of sites.Of them about everyone use social sites like Facebook, Twitter, digg, etc. The scroll button of a mouse is very much important to browse these sites.Bucause with this button we make the webpages scrolling down or up to see different comments,photo,share etc. Those who pass a long time on net they often suffer from the pain of wrist or fingers or thumbs as they scroll the mouse up & down a lot. There is a very small trick to avoid scrolling a  lot. Let’s check the mouse trick.

Keep the cursor on a webpage & click the scroll button. It will show a round scroll button. Now move your mouse up & down, left or right easily. See what happened? If you take the mouse up then the webpage will go down & if you do the opposite then you will get the opposite result. Same in the case of left or right side going.

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Now we can easily browse in different sites by using this mouse trick. The world is moving fast so here if you can’t become fast then everyone will dominate you. So if you don’t want to be dominated by the others then you must have to be fast with some smart tricks. So follow this mouse trick and be a smart boy or girl.

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If you have any other mouse trick then please share with us by commenting in the comments section. Otherwise you can also contact with me with your valuable tick.

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Me in Facebook and Twitter. Bye today.

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