How to Take Care of a Printer ?

The output of a document is its’ print. And we use a printer to print something. There are a various kinds of printers in the market. Price may vary but if you don’t take care even a normal printer then it will create a lot of problems in printing. So we must take care a printer daily.


A Printer

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Let’s see the process:

  • Set the printer in an open space & never use it in a dusty place.
  • Clean a printer daily with the help of a very soft cloth or tissue.
  • Switch off a printer while you are not using it.
  • There is a head in every printer. When you print something then dust takes places in a printer’s head. So clean the header daily otherwise it will create problems.
  • When a printer has printed then never switch off it or disconnect its’ plug
  • When you are printing a page then never make any obstacle to print it.
  • Without switching off the printer never disconnects its’ plug. Otherwise it will create a problem of the Power Supply.
  • Always use the best quality paper in print otherwise it will create problems in its’ header.
  • Never keep anything on a printer which is full of heavy weight.
  • Use printer regularly or usually otherwise its’ ink will dry & printing will be unclear.

Thus we can take care of a printer. I think by following the above steps on can increase the longevity of a printer. Like our Facebook Fan Page and Follow in Twitter.


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