How to Hide Facebook Friend List Very Easily ?

How to Hide Facebook Friend List Very Easily ?

As i was very much busy, i was really unable to write something new. Today i am going to tell you the technique of hiding facebook friend list. It’s really very much important to hide the list of friends in Facebook. Because the most common factor is to lick your Social Status and so on.

How to Hide Facebook Friend List Very Easily ?

1.First Click on your Profile like the photo below.

How to Hide Facebook Friend List Very Easily ?

2.Then click on Friends like the picture below.


3. Click “Edit”

4. Then click serially like the below picture.

If you want to know How to Delete Inactive Facebook Friends in a Minute then just click on that link and you will redirected to that post. Now the work has been done.You can also choose by your wish that who can see your friend list.I have chosen only me.

Hope you understood. If not then please comment in the comment section. I will try to the best to answer your questions. For more social updated latest news like Our Facebook Fan Page and Follow us in Twitter.

How To Delete Inactive Facebook Friends In a Minute

How To Delete Inactive Facebook Friends In a Minute

Facebook Friends are most welcome in our Facebook accounts. We know a lot of friends in our practical world. But we don’t know a lot of Facebook Friends of our Facebook accounts. Facebook Friends list can’t exceed 5000 Friends. Of these 5000 friends there are some fake or deactivated or inactive Facebook Friends. But if … Read more

If The Image Of Your Site Doesn’t Show In Facebook


About every site owners that want a lot of visitors will visit his/her site. So he/she shares his site’s link in many social sites such as Facebook, twitter, Linkedin & so on. But many times the image of a site’s domain link  or the image of a definite link doesn’t show in Facebook. It happens because the problems of Facebook Open Graph. Many times for using the application or for some other reason Facebook can block your site’s domain link or a definite link to your site. What will you do to solve this problem? Today i am going to solve this problem by telling you the right way.

Let’s see the solve:


1. Login to your Facebook Account

2. Go to Fb Support by this link

& make a ticket if it has blocked the Domain  URL of your site.

3. If Fb hasn’t blocked your site then open this  link

4. Then put the definite link of your site in the  Input URL Option for which Facebook doesn’t show image & click Debug like the image below.


Now see that the image of that link is showing & as a result now you can share your link in anywhere on Fb & the problem is solved. I think all of you have understood the solution properly. If you have any question or opinion then please comments in the comment section. Your advice is too much valuable for us. Like us on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.

How To Delete A Facebook Account Very Easily

Delete a Facebook Account

Delete a Facebook account:

To delete a Facebook account is really very easy. Now a days this is a big question that who doesn’t have a Facebook Account. Almost every net user has a Facebook Account in all over the world. You will find a lot of people who only use the internet or buy a Smartphone only for to login to Facebook. This is really a great news for the Facebook Authority.

In many countries The Govt. The Spy & some ill character people keep an eye to the others Facebook Accounts. So one need to delete his/her Facebook Account.

Although there is a proverb that Many man many minds. You will get some people who dislike Facebook & want to delete their Facebook Account. But most of them don’t know how to delete a Facebook Account?

Let’s see the Process:

1. Login to your Facebook Account by providing ID & Password.

2. Then go to THIS link Please. Provide Your Password again & Click Continue Button  like the image below


3. Then you will get the image like below & Click “Delete My Account”


And your Facebook Account will be deleted in a moment. So enjoy the tune guys & have fun . If you have any comments then comment in the comment section as it will inspire us a lot. Stay connected by liking our Facebook Fan Page and you can also Follow me on Twitter.

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How To Remove Unnecessary Facebook App Easily


If you use the internet then you must have a Facebook Account. When we register with some other sites with the help of Facebook Account then we have to allow the Facebook App of that site so that it can publish on your Facebook wall on behalf of you. This is really embarrassing. Because most of the time these Facebook apps publish unnecessary facts. So you want to remove the Facebook Apps. But how? I am showing you the solution.

How To Remove Unnecessary Facebook App Easily

1. Login to your Facebook Account. Look at the right hand corner. There is a Star Button beside the Home page button. Click on that star Button. And then click “Account Settings”

Facebook apps
Facebook apps

2. Look at the Left Hand Lower side. Click on Apps Button.” Now you will get the list of used Apps.   

Facebook Apps

3. Now remove your unnecessary apps by clicking the Cross Mark . Check the box & press Remove Button. In this way you can remove your unnecessary apps.

Facebook apps



Now enjoy Facebook without Facebook App Disturbing. Like our Facebook Fan Page and Follow us in Twitter. If you have any comments thens please go ahead. We are always ready to hear from you. Hope this post will help you a lot.

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