How to Speed Up Your PC by Commanding

Speed Up Your PC:

To speed up our work shortly in pc we use command. By using these  System Utility & DOS commands anyone can work fastly which is really time consuming.

N.B. You can write these commands in your pc in 2 ways.

First: By pressing Windows Button.

Second: By pressing (Windows Button+R)

Then write your necessary command to operate your PC.

List of System Utility Commands:

Cleanmgr.exe=To clean Disc.

Sysdm.cpl=To see System Properties

Control=To open Control Panel

Msconfig=To start System Configuration Tool

Regedt32 or regedit=To open Registry Editor

Diskmgmt.msc=To start Disk Management

Devmgmt.msc=To open Device Manager

Compmgmt.msc=To open Computer management

dfrgui.exe=For Didc Defragment


List Of DOS Commands of Microsoft:

Here write the commands by using the above mentioned second Way.That means By pressing (Windows Button+R)

Then write Cmd & open Command Prompt of Microsoft by which these DOS commands will be utilized.

Format=To format Disc Partition

Copy=To copy Files

Chkdsk=To check Disc Error & & to Repair.

Rmdir=To delete files with folder

Xcopy=To copy files with folder

Move=To move files somewhere else

Rename/ren=To rename File & folder

Convert=To convert from FAT32 File System  to NTFS File system

Edit=To edit & making Text Files

Shutdown=To shutdown computer

Del=To delete any file

Attrib=For the management of Files’ Attributes

Mkdir/md=To create new folder

Type=To see the material of a file without opening it.

Cd=In going from one folder to another

Dir=To see the list of Files & Folders.

So enjoy the commanding in your pc to speed up your work.


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