Visit These 6 Funny Sites and You Can’t Stop Laughing

funny sites

Visit These 6 Funny Sites and You Can’t Stop Laughing. Everyday we pass a lot of time in internet & very often we feel bore. Then we listen songs or watch movie or do something else by which we become fresh.Today i am going to give you some websites address/link which are really very much funny & you will must laugh silently.

Visit These 6 Funny Sites and You Can’t Stop Laughing

So let’s see the sites:

1. FUNNY 01


2. FUNNY 02


3. FUNNY 03


4. FUNNY 04


5. FUNNY 05


6. FUNNY 06


Have fun guys & comments please.

Website Speed Test Easily with Pingdom

Website Speed test

Website Speed Test:

This is really a very great site by which page loading test will tell you the load time of a site in a click only.By this site you can know the real loading time.If the loading time of a website  is not satisfactory then you can take necessary steps to decrease the load time of a website

So lets know how can you check the load speed. Go to this site

1.Put your web address

2. Then click “Test Now.”

Website Speed test
Website Speed test

You will get the test result as the below picture shown.

Website Speed test
Website Speed test

So log in to that above mentioned site & take your site’s loading speed test.

Bye …

How to Install Alexa Extension in Browsers

About all of you know that what is Alexa. The main work of it is to arrange the websites in a rank. So it give a rank number to every  website so that the importance of that site could be measured. To know the Alexa rank of a site you have to browse to But you can do it shortly without browsing that site with the Alexa Extension for Chrome & Firefox. If you add this extension in your browser then by clicking it you will get the instant query very quickly. Not only this but also it will provide some other advantages. These are :

1. Not only  the world rank but also the native rank of a site.

2. The former look of a site.

3. How many inbound/back links are activated for a site & where are those.

4. Opening duration of a site.

5.Number of Related Links by which you will get the links of similar sites.

6. How many times the site has been reviewed.


1.To get Alexa extension for Firefox or Chrome Click HERE

2. Then click “Install Alexa Extension”

3. Then Click Accept & Install

4.For firefox then Click allow  & it will start downloading , then click Install Now, Then click Restart

& for Chrome it will automatically add.



Make your Browser Friendly with Eyes at Night


There are many internet users who love to work at night. So the white background of the browser creates many problems at their eyes. Actually it is very much harmful for our eyes.Today I am going to solve this problem.

For Google chrome users:

Download the High Contrast extension from Here.

Then click on the icon of High Contrast & the colour of your page will be changed.That means the white will turned to black & the color of the pictures will not change.If you don’t like black & white then you can change to another colours.

You can set different settings for different websites. To Enable/Disable  you can use Ctrl+Shift+F11 as a keyboard shortcut.Actually this is really a nice trick. You can check it by using.

For Firefox:

Install Blank Your Monitor  add-on for Firefox & restart it. And then by using keyboard shortcut change the color of your webpage. But it is different from Google Chrome. Because you can choose your color as your wish. This is why it is more favorable  to  Firefox than to chrome.

Ok bye today.


How to Browse any Block Site very Easily

Browse any Block site

Today i am going to tell you a way by which you can easily browse not only YouTube but also any blocked website. For this you no need to visit another site.

PD-Proxy VPN Service

1. First DOWNLOAD the 1.45 M.B size free software from here.

2. Now Register from this address.

3. You will get a confirmation link in your mail. Confirm that by clicking.

4. Unzip the downloaded software.

5. Now start the bed-proxy. Else software.

6. Log in by using your registered User Name & Password. It will take a moment to be connected.

7. Minimize the software when it shows “you are connected’

Now you can browse any blocked website very easily. Even YouTube too.