How to Delete the Arrow of Desktop Icons’

Hi friends! How are  you? I am not so well. Though today  I will tell you a trick to delete the arrow of desktop icons’ very easily.

In desktop icons very often we see an arrow which is not liked by us. It seems odd & sometimes like virus. So lets see how to remove it.

1.Click Start then click Run.

2. Type regedit in that open box & press Enter.

3. Click at the left side Plus Mark of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. If there is no plus mark then just click at the left side of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

4. Find out lnkfile. Click on it.

5. At the right side you will see IsShortcut

6. Select it & delete it & then close it.

7. Now Restart your PC

Now see that there is no arrow on the desktop icons.

Best of luck today & provide feedback please.


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