Download The Latest & Updated Full Version Of Google Chrome


Google Chrome:

Those who use Internet naturally acquainted with the Google Chrome browser  which is really very much famous all over the world & day by day its’ popularity is increasing as it provides many advantages such as google drive, google extensions etc. Recently google chrome has released its latest & updated full version by which anyone can get better service. So don’t hesitate to download google chrome to get the interesting services.

Download links of Google Chrome:

1. Download it from HERE

2. Download from its Official Site .

Google ChromeEarlier I have used Firefox & so on. But i was not so pleased with tthose.Now I am very happy with google chrome browser as it is really very fast & effective to get the best result.

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Download Keys and License of Favourite Antivirus

Keys & License of Antivirus


About all of us use antivirus on our PC or laptop to keep them safe from virus & something else.There are some famous virus in the market.The free versions are available in the net. We can use them for a very short period & after that those become inactive & our PC/laptop become unsafe. It’s why today I am going to provide you the original keys & license of those anti virus which will be activated up to 2014.

These are-

All versions of-



3. AVG






If you don’t have any account in fileswap then first create a free account & then activate it by checking your email & then download it by choosing a slow download option.Otherwise you can copy the file to your account too.Its really amazing.



Download KM Player (Latest Version)

Latest KM Player

Download KM Player:

All of you perhaps know about km player. Now a days it is really a very favorite player in the world. Everybody  always want to keep oneself updated. So in case of player you will always choose the latest version, KM player has released its” latest version.

So download & enjoy it:





Have fun guys.


How to Save Your Eyes Against Monitor’s Light Fully

How to Save Your Eyes Against Monitor's Light Fully

How to Save Your Eyes Against Monitor’s Light Fully. Hi friends! How are you?Today i am going to tell you a new information. That is to save our eyes during browse in laptop or Desktop. Let’s see how?

How to Save Your Eyes Against Monitor’s Light Fully

The light of Desktop/Laptop monitor is very much dangerous for our eyes.Those who pass a long time in computer ,day by day their eyes become affected by many diseases.To protect these type of problems there is a very small software named f.lux.By downloading & installing it your problems can be solved.So why do you wait.Download the software and install it.


After installation It will work perfectly if you provide the ZIP code of your local area as because for the best performance adjusting with local time. So save your eyes against monitor’s light & enjoy working with Laptop or Desktop without any fear of loosing vision of your valuable eyes.