What Are Pre-Workout Supplements For Gamers?

What Are Pre-Workout Supplements For Gamers? Usually when you hear the two words ‘pre-workout supplement’ you think of a product you take before the gym, sport game or other athletic event. But now due to the rise of competitive gamming, games such as Counter Strike and Dota are now consider to be a sport, and like other sports they fill stadiums full of people looking to watch these gamers compete on their computers. But where do pre-workout supplements come in?

As people have started to see some of these games as a competitive sport, manufactures have started to market pre-workout supplements to gamers. Products like Aggro by Chaos and Pain have advertising directly aimed at the everyday to professional gamer. They claim to increase energy, concentration and focus, which are all useful qualities to have in any sport.

What Are Pre-Workout Supplements For Gamers?

While pre-workout supplements for athletes and gamers have almost identical ingredients. It opens up the possibility to either supplement a traditional pre-workout (like the range found at Supplement Express) or one marketed for gamming. Regardless of your decision let’s take a closer look at what ingredients are found in these types of supplements.



A popular ingredient in pre-workout supplements is Betaine.Betaine is an amino acid that is derived from the beet plant and then infused into a pre-workout product.Research has shown that it has the ability to improve your mental and physical performance.


Beta-alanine is another good ingredient if you are serious about your pre-workout supplement.Containing carnosine (a double amino acid chain), Beta-alanine has been shown to promote the performance of muscle, concentration and endurance.Expect a slight itch especially around the mouth or a tingling sensation on your skin.Don’t be alarmed this just means that your supplement / ingredient is working.


Caffeine is quite a popular ingredient in pre-workouts. It is widely known about and commonly taken around the world for its benefits in cognition, focus, wakefulness and energy. Pre-workout supplements usually contain high doses of caffeine (up to 300mg), so it is best to avoid any further coffee or tea during the next 24 hours after supplementation.


Last but not least, we should mention creatine.Creatine is found in most pre-workouts and it is well researched.It will help with your strength and improve performance throughout an activity. It commonly comes either blended with other ingredients like in a pre-workout or on its own in the form of creatine monohydrate.

Where Does That Leave Us?

Now that you know a little bit more about what pre-workout supplements are for gamers and what they contain, you can start taking advantage of them. Regardless of the type or product you choose, be sure to carefully read the directions on the back of the product and make sure that you are taking the right dosage.Happy gaming!


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