What is Ping?-Ping a blog/site to increase visitor

Those who have a site/blog about all of them know about ping. Those who are SEO expert they know a lot about ping.Today i will try to share my view.

What is PING:

Actually Ping is a way by which the search engines can index a page  or update status of a site/blog very fastly. So the Spider/Crawler/Indexer  of a search engine become very alert in this way to perform their duties perfectly. In this way the Search Engines fastly count the Backlinks of a site/blog so that a reader/visitor can easily find out his desired information by searching.That means if i create any new backlinks for my site then the search engines can easily index them.

According to the Professionals- It is not good to ping the main Domain again & again if your site’s  don’t have any new update.Because it will be counted to the search engines as Spamming. There are a lot of sites by which you can ping of your site/blog.You have no need to Ping in all of them sites.You can choose one to continue your site’s ping after every update.

The best suggestion is – Ping your site once in every week.

The good links usually will be indexed by the search engines but the by pinging the low quality links will be indexed quickly . So the visitors will visit your site comparatively more than ever before.

List of some Popular Ping Sites:








From the above list pingomatic is the best.I also use it.

Bye today.

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