Best Way to Create Google Backlink

Google Backlink:

Who don’t know about google?Everybody knows about it. To create a backlink in google is really a great matter to enjoy for a website.Because it will increase not only the pagerank of a site but also the traffic too.So lets see the process.

1. Log in to with your gmail id.

2.Click Profile button at the left top corner.

3. Then click “Edit Profile”  at the middle upper side.


4. Scroll down & click at Links button like the image below.


5. Then click Add Custom Link.

6. Write a label name as you wish & add your desired URL like the image below & click save button.


7.Then click Done Editing Button i n the upper site.


You have completed your process.So enjoy backlink with awsome

Like this way You can also add another url to get backlink from

Best of Luck today & comments please to encourage me.


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