3-Tips To Improve Alexa Rank Like Rocket Speed

Alexa Rank:

Perhaps  those who have a site usually know about Alexa Toolbar. But most of them don’t know the way of improving Alexa Rank. I have searched a lot to know about it & finally I have got some ideas which are really very much effective. I think all of you can also apply these techniques to improve alexa rank of your sites.

So lets see the tips:

1st Tips:

You must claim your site very easily at www.Alexa.com. This is your first & most important job to complete. Without it the others are not so helpful. So you must follow this rule at first. If you don’t know how to claim a site on Alexa.com then please

ReadHow To Claim A Site On Alexa.com Easily

2nd Tips:

Install the Alexa Toolbar in your browser. Alexa mainly gets the information on your site by this toolbar. So this is a great weapon for your site.

If you don’t know how to install Alexa Toolbar in a browser then go through THIS ARTICLE & install Alexa Toolbar very easily in your browser.

3-Tips To Improve Alexa Rank Like Rocket Speed

3rd Tips:

To use the Alexa site widget on your site. When someone will click on the Alexa Widget of your site then it will provide the best performance for your site. On the other hand when your site will be browsed then the image of your site’s widget will also be opened from the Alexa Server & as a result Alexa will be able to track your site’s information most powerfully.

A good Alexa rank always increase the price & demand of your site. So never be late to improve your site’s Alexa Rank. Your feedback is always most welcome to our admin. So feedback please. Like us on Facebook and Follow me on Twitter.

Bye today.


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