The Unbelieveable Magic Of Google Glass

Google Glass:

Now a days Google Glass is the most mysterious product in the world of technology.  Somebody guesses that Google Glass will change the idea of the future Smartphone.

What is it:

It is a Head Mounted Display (H.M.D) combination of research & development program made by Google. Though it is named as a glass but it is not like a general glass. Perhaps it will not be  a mistake to call it a computer with a micro display in the diagram of a glass. In this Android led Glass there are the opportunities of connecting wireless Internet & SmartphoneThis glass will really be a very popular product as many famous persons have given order for it.

So lets see the characteristics of this Glass:

Take instant photo:

The biggest advantage of google glass is the user will have no need to control any option of this Glass by his/her hand. It will be controlled either by the users’  voice or eyes command. By switching on the camera option one can capture a photo only by closing his/her eyes. If you need to capture a photo of anything  then look at to it & just close your eyes, your desired photo will be captured. Really unbelievable.

Google Glass
Google Glass

Audio-Video Call:

As it can be connected with Smartphone one can easily make an audio – video call by it. You will be able to see the face on the Glass with whom you will make a video call. Really funny. But the most interesting matter is by a video call you will make your friend to see at the same time what you are viewing. Perhaps for this opportunity it will be used by the detectives a lot.

Mapping Feature:

The other great advantage of this Glass is its’ Mapping Feature. Because in a micro display it will show the world map. On the other hand it has GPS  technology by which you will be able to reach to an unknown destination.

Google Glass
Google Glass

Always with friends:

The technology analysts have called it as Real Life Facebook. By switching on the Automatic Location Sharing Option your friend will be able to know your exact location very easily. I think this technology will help the crime branch a lot to find a definite person at the exact location at the right time.


It will also provide Reminder technology. Those who are very much busy & can’t remember their work schedule will be highly benefited by this Reminder Technology as it will remind them their work schedule by voice messages. At the time of the journey it will provide you some important information by voice messages  & will show the necessary photos on the display.

Weather Forecast:

Google glass will provide you the perfect weather forecast as it will be connected with wireless Internet Connection. As a result  you will be able to  start a work  at your convenient  time by watching the Weather Forecast.

Message Reader:

The message of Smartphone will be automatically transferred to your Google Glass Display. You have no need to read it as the Builtin Automatic Reading System will read it to you.

Record Voice:

The user will be able to record voice by this glass.

Flight Details:

The user will also be able to know the flight details by  its’ wireless net connection.

So from the above characteristics we can say that Google Glass is the combination of A Glass, A laptop or PC & a Smartphone. Really Amazing.

It will be launched in America in the first half of 2013 for some limited persons & at the end of this year for all.

Price: 1500 US$

Inventor: Sergei Brin

Bye guys & hope in the near future all of you will have the opportunity to use a Google Glass.


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