What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Apple IWatch

Apple IWatch:

Apple finally unveiled Apple IWatch at fall media event of Apple in Cupertino, California along with iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus. Apple watch was in fact most anticipated product during these years. It is first new product category of Apple since 2010. This is another entry in the world of smart watches.

What all can the iWatch do?

  • Apple IWatch is a communication device which can receive and send messages.
  • It is a music player by which you can listen your desired music.
  • A fitness tracker that measures the heart rate, Apple iWatch has four sapphire lenses for giving accurate measurements of heart rate. Apple iWatch also works with different fitness apps like Nike plus supported.
Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch

  • Records audio and calls and also functions like a hand held portal for other apps.
  • It makes the payments via Apple Pay.
  • It can control Apple TV and function as remote for the connected devices of smart home.
  • Apple iwatch’s voice activated controls, notifications and the swipe-to-glance features appear similar to those of Android Wear watches of Google.
  • Focus on features such as voice calling and apps are similar to Samsung’s Gear watches.
  • Many more apps are likely to be there before it is launched.
  • For those who have not used a smartphone earlier, it acts like a mini iPod, has you connected with your phone, acts as your personal fitness tracker and can also replace your wallet. It can even do much more.
  • It can make mobile payments
  • and function like digital key for opening smart lock on front door of your home.
  • You will be able to access home automation features like smart thermostats with the help of apps, using wireless connection of your iPhone as conduit.
  • Apple iWatch also tells accurate time to accuracy precision of 50 milliseconds.
  • Customized high design iwatch faces will do everything from showing the lunar cycles, weather conditions, messages and appointments.
  • iWatch is available in three “collections” and the faces can be customized too.
  • Amazon India offer can be utilized for getting a fabulous discount.

How does the iWatch feel on the wrist?

Though the Apple iWatch resembles many square screened smart watches, its finish and fit are more refined. Its design resembles the mini-iPhone. After trying different Apple watches you will realize that they give a grand feel to the wrist. Apple iWatch is much better polished compared to other stylish watches. It was even better than Moto 360 and Pebble steel on comparison.

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Apple IWatch

Apple iWatch does not have design that can be shown off immediately like Moto 360 having a round screen but it is certainly better made and has sharper looking screen. The 42mm model has the screen of size of Meta M1 or Pebble Steel and feels discreet compared to few bigger Samsung Gear and Android Wear watches. The smaller 38 mm watch appears very small but these are meant for women as these look suitable for showing off on smaller wrists.

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