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Free Voice Call:

Free voice call is really a great opportunity for all  the internet users.What will you do if you get this opportunity in a social site? Let’s go through the following article & know the amazing free voice call opportunity news.

If you think about the Facebook users before four or five years ago then what will you find? Off course Facebook was the topmost social site at that time. But now what the condition is? It’s very much complicated as there are a lot of social sites such as Google+, Twitter, etc.

By observing the above situation the topmost Social Site Facebook has announced that now they will provide free voice call to the users. The Android users can easily take this service-told by the Facebook Authority.

The Facebook users will be able to make free voice call only by using a messenger app named “Skin”

Go to Facebook Home page & Press I button. You will hear the voice calls. Previously this service was activated only in Apple’s IOS Devices.

Actually the internet market is full of competition & it’s increasing day by day. So the Social Sites also providing new technologies to the users so that a site become more popular & can improve its’ position to all over the world.

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