List of some WordPress Related Post Plugin

WordPress Related Post Plugin:

I hope that all of you know about WordPress plugin.Today i want to say about “Related Post Plugin”.By this plugin we can find related post easily.In WordPress  we will get this type of plugins a lot.You can use anyone.

There are some plugins with link in the below:

1.For related post with photo:

2.If you want to show only link then:

The above plugin will show other post’s link by calculating your sites’ category.

This link will provide you to show related post with thumbanil.Not only that, you can show many images for your site from zamanta gallery:

3.But personally i will suggest you for this plugin:

Specially if you have images in every post.By this plugin you will be able to see related category,post,tag even whatever you wish.You can make your post readable with image or without image.You can control the images size by your wish.Actually bigger image always attract the visitors & make them bound to go through a post.So i think this is the best Related Post Plugin for WordPress blog site.

Have a nice day.Till then bye.



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