Find Out-Which Plugins Increase The Load Time

Which Plugins Increase The Load Time:

p3(Plugin Performance Profiler). This is the name of a word press plugin by which you can scan your whole site & find out those plugins which increased the load time of a site & decreased the performance to the site visitors. By Analyzing or scanning a site it show the result in a pie chart by which you can easily find out all plugins loading performance & as a result you will find a solution.

At first Install the plugin. Then Scan like the image below. and get your scan result. By watching the result you will easily understand that Which Plugins Increase The Load Time of your valuable website.

Which Plugins Increase The Load Time

Which Plugins Increase The Load Time

The best method is to delete that plugin which increase loading time & in lieu of that plugin to use html/php/css code.You can also use code instead of all kinds of plugins which will increase the site performance a lot by decreasing its’ loading time.

Just Install it & scan easily. No need any kinds of settings after completing Installation. When you have finished your site’s scanning and got the result then of course you must deactivate this plugin and then delete it. Otherwise it will also increase your site’s load time.

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