How To Install WordPress on Server by Softaculous ?

Install WordPress:

To install WordPress on server is really very easy. The new website owners become very anxious to install WordPress on their new sites/site. I was also anxious like them. But at last I have done it. I have gone through many articles searching by google to install WordPress on one of my new sites. The local website domain and Hosting providing companies don’t want to help to install WordPress on your new site’s server as they are too much commercial.

I also asked help from my domain & hosting providing company. But they straight answer that it was not their job to install WordPress on a newly started site’s server. I browse my site & saw the below image. I was really tensed.

The above picture means the site’s server is ok but WordPress is not installed on its’ server. After searching google I got a lot of tutorials but those were not so easy for me. So I try by myself by taking some ideas from those tutorials and I became succeed. Now I am gonna share the process.

Install WordPress Process:

Log in to your sites cpanel by providing user name & password. Scroll down. You will see Software/Services. Click on Softaculous

Softaculous will open & you will the site like the image below. Click on Blogs. Then click WordPress.

A new page WordPress will open like the image below. Click on Install.

A form will open. Provide your site’s necessary information like the image below. Remember that keep the In Directory option blank & choose protocol wisely. Normally I suggest like the image protocol. Then clickInstall  

Finally you have done. Remember your admin username and Password as those will be needed to log in to your site’s dashboard directly. Now you will receive a Congratulation message like the image below.

Now open any browser, type your site’s name & see the magic. A new site has born in the history of Internet.

So to install WordPress by Softaculous on a site’s server is really very easy if your go through the above mentioned tutorial’s method. WordPress is really a magic for any site in the Internet World.Bye today.

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