iWatch-The Biggest Innovation for Apple


Al of you know about ipod & its use. You keep it in your pocket. But if you get all those opportunities in your phone then what will you say.Yes ,this is of course an amazing news indeed.There is a churning over the rumors that Apple is going to launch a wearable computing product named iWatch.

This product has already moved beyond test stages.It will really be a great smart watch.Apple has introduced iPad in 2010.Since then Apple is surprising us day by day.


Bruce Tognazzini,the founder of Apple’s Human Interface Group who no longer works for Apple now already wrote about the probability of  iwatch.

There will be a great combination of some different devices in iwatch which will give us some extra advantages than the other computers/laptop/ipod. Whatever may be the launch price this is really a great charming news if the rumor become true.

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So all of us will wait if the iwatch of Apple to be launched. Me in Facebook and Twitter.


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