Check Visitor Status By Wassup Real Time Analytics

Visitor Status:

There is no any Built in  Status Checker on  a WordPress site to check visitor status. So a site owner has to log in to Google Analytics again & again to get the latest result related to visitor status. But it is really a boring & time wasting job.

To solve this problem today I am going to suggest a famous plugin named Wassup Real Time Analytics by which a site owner will check the visitor status from the WordPress Dashboard very easily.

Perhaps a lot of site owners are already using this plugin. But I am suggesting it for the new WordPress users. By this plugin you will be able to know that by which keywords a visitor is coming to visit your site & what type of articles they expect from you.

There are also some other options by which you will get the real map of your visitors. So this plugin is very much necessary for Search Engine Optimization as you will get a lot of proper information to analyze & implement this to your site for checking visitor status.


1. Log in to your WordPress site.

2. Then go to Plugins Section & click Add New.

3. Then write down the name of the above mentioned plugin

4. Then the desired Plugin will appear & Click Install it.

5. Then Activate the Plugin

6. Then go to the Plugin’s Settings Option &  Fix it as you want.

The job is completed. Now get the better report about your site’s Visitor Status by Wassup Real Time Analytics & of course enjoy the job.

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