How To Redirect Old Permalink To New Permalink

Redirect Old Permalink:

To redirect old permalink to new permalink is very much essential for any website of the world. First of all we must have to know that what is Permalink? It means the Universal Resource Locator (in short-URL) of a site. Sometimes we build a site in WordPress and at that time as a new learner we don’t know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and we keep the URL or permalink structure in Default without any changing.

Actually we should not do that. We must change our URL or Permalink settings instantly for better SEO. Suppose, you have written a lot of post or articles with the default URL Structure of your site and have spread those Article’s links in Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg or any other sites of the world to attract the visitor for a better SEO.

Now suppose that after a long period you have changed your site’s URL or Permalink Structure for the Best SEO. What will happen? The result is you will loose a lot of visitors as the old URL or Permalink is not Redirected to the new permalink or URL. If there is no visitor then your site is like a dead man without enough oxygen. So you must have to Redirect Old Permalink to new Permalink or URL so that no visitors will be lost to visit your site’s any post or article.

Now the big question is-how to Redirect Old Permalink to new Permalink ?

Let’s see the process:

It’s really very easy to Redirect Old permalink to new one. We will Redirect Old Permalink to new one with a great plugin named Simple 301 Redirects. Install this Plugin in your WordPress site and follow the below mentioned step by step process. Download it from HERE . Now Install it. If you don’t know how to Install then read the below article.

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After installation the above mentioned plugin click on Settings from your site’s Dashboard. You will see an option named 301 Redirects. Click on it. A new page will open called Simple 301 Redirects. Now look the image below. In the left site you will put your site’s old URLs or Permalinks and in the Right side keep the new URLs one after another. Now click Save Changes.

Redirect Old Permalink to new Permalink

Redirect Old Permalink to new Permalink

Now Check your “Redirect Old Permalink“. Copy any old URL in any Browser and click Enter. If the new URL or Permalink open then it is proved that you have completed your job perfectly. Congratulations. Your Redirect Old Permalink mission has been completed. Now you will get back all the previous Backlinks of your site which will provide you a better SEO.

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This is really a great method to Redirect Old Permalink to new Permalink for the people like me as we are learning and sharing day by day. Honestly Speaking-I have Redirected my old URLs to new Permalink after one year and six months. Now I am Really enjoying to Redirect Old Permalink to new Permalink and have got a lot of old Backlinks which has given me a lot of Backlinks. wow! It’s really great.For special Purpose by this plugin you can Redirect any Link to any other link.

So the new comers, lets Redirect Old Permalink to new one and enjoy the Best SEO. If you have any better idea then please let me and my visitors know by your valuable comments and never forget to share this article if you think it can help the others.

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