How to Save PC and All Accounts From Key Logger

Hi friends!How are you? Today i am gonna share about key logger.Key logger is a system by which anyone can hack your pc or any other accounts in the internet.If there is a good anti virus in your pc then most of the key loggers can not affect your pc but if there is no anti virus then you have to become sure that key logger will must attack your pc & your account in the internet.The most vulnerable matter is that there are some key logger which can not be detected by a very good performer anti virus.Then what will you do.

To protect the most vulnerable key loggers there is a great software named Anti Malware.The size is 10 MB.

Dowload it from HERE.

After downloading, install the software.After installation it will update automatically.So give the time to update it.Then fully scan your computer & see how many key logger & virus were undetected by your present using  anti virus & here is the magic.Then select those virus & remove them.When the removing is completed then the pc will ask for RESTART.So restart your pc now.

Now your pc is fully free of key logger.Thanks to all for going through this tune.If there is any problem then comments please.

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