How to Make Necessary Softwares Portable Instantly

How to Make Necessary Softwares Portable. Those who work with different softwares  they become unable to keep enough space in C drive.There are also some softwares  which we install only to use for one time. To solve this problem there are different portable softwares which are not so popular with us for their using features. That will be the best if we get the portable version of our daily using softwares. Today I am going to provide you a software named Thinstall Virtualization Suiteby which you will be able to create a portable version of any software.

How to Make Necessary Softwares Portable

Let’s see the process:

1. To make a portable version of your necessary software open Thinstall software & continue to click NEXT.

2. When you will see this type of screen then by minimizing it install your necessary software & configure it as you want. Now click NEXT by Maximizing it.

3. When the screen like below will appear then select the USB Flash option & click NEXT

4. Now from this screen you can compress your software. At least from the below screen click the BUILD NOW button & then Finish. You can see the saved project by clicking “BROWSE PROJECT”

5. Now go to save location & click Bin Folder.

Then click the icon of your software Check it.Is it ok or not? You can also check it by copying the bin folder to another computer. Is it running/installing properly or not? N.B. You must have a free account at to login & download it.


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