Download Paid Image Compression Software Fully Free

Now a days a lot of people use digital camera to take photo.The photo size become 2-6.5M.B which is really very much tough & time killing to share it in facebook & in other websites as the net speed is too slow to upload it fastly. So if we decrease the photo size then it is very much easy to share it to our friends & family by uploading it quickly & effectively.

Download Paid Image Compression Software Fully Free

Anyone can do it in photoshop but everyone is not expert in photoshop.So we need the help of a software named “FILE Minimizer pictures 3.0″ This is really an awesome image compression software by which you can easily compress your photo by decrease the size from 6.4M.B to 99.6K.Bing .

So download it now & enjoy the software & share it with your friends.


Download From Here


1.Install the software.

  1. Click “Open Files‘ & select your photo.

3.Click Optimize Files‘ & it will start compression the image.

  1. You can also change the destination folder by clicking “Settings” & then clicking “Output Folder” like the below photo & select where you want the compressed photo to be saved.

Now check your photo size ,What happened.Bye today. Like our Facebook Fan Page and Follow in Twitter. If the download link don’t work then please let me know by your valuable comments in the comment section. Hope you will enjoy this great image compression software.

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