How to Update Facebook/Twitter Status Auto By Scheduling

Update Facebook/Twitter Status Auto By Scheduling:

About all of us has a facebook/twitter account now a days. At present we share our daily feelings by facebook,twitter,Google plus etc. But there are some moments when we become very busy & can’t share our feelings or wish or activities to our dearest & nearest one. So what should we do to solve this problem. Today to solve this problem is my main motive.

We will do it by a toolbar of a website which is fully free. You can set your wish/feelings by setting day/time in the earlier so that it can be posted it in facebook/twitter in lieu of you as you are busy.

 Les See How:

1. Visit LaterBro’s Website

2. Click on Login with Facebook. you can also login with twitter too. It’s upto you. Whatever you wish.

How to Update Facebook/Twitter Status Auto By Scheduling

3. Grant Facebook Permission to LaterBro App

4. Now you will again redirected from Facebook Permission page to LaterBro Website

5. Now Select your Time Zone and Click on Next

So now with the help of above mentioned process you can auto update facebook/twitter status by scheduling. It will make you life easy. If there is any problem then comments please. It will help me to write properly. as a result my every visitor will learn the process perfectly. Hope you understood. Like our Facebook Fan Page and Follow on Twitter

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