How To Delete A Facebook Account Very Easily

Delete a Facebook account:

To delete a Facebook account is really very easy. Now a days this is a big question that who doesn’t have a Facebook Account. Almost every net user has a Facebook Account in all over the world. You will find a lot of people who only use the internet or buy a Smartphone only for to login to Facebook. This is really a great news for the Facebook Authority.

In many countries The Govt. The Spy & some ill character people keep an eye to the others Facebook Accounts. So one need to delete his/her Facebook Account.

Although there is a proverb that Many man many minds. You will get some people who dislike Facebook & want to delete their Facebook Account. But most of them don’t know how to delete a Facebook Account?

Let’s see the Process:

1. Login to your Facebook Account by providing ID & Password.

2. Then go to THIS link Please. Provide Your Password again & Click Continue Button  like the image below


3. Then you will get the image like below & Click “Delete My Account”


And your Facebook Account will be deleted in a moment. So enjoy the tune guys & have fun . If you have any comments then comment in the comment section as it will inspire us a lot. Stay connected by liking our Facebook Fan Page and you can also Follow me on Twitter.

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