How to Hide Facebook Friend List Very Easily ?

How to Hide Facebook Friend List Very Easily ?

As i was very much busy, i was really unable to write something new. Today i am going to tell you the technique of hiding facebook friend list. It’s really very much important to hide the list of friends in Facebook. Because the most common factor is to lick your Social Status and so on.

How to Hide Facebook Friend List Very Easily ?

1.First Click on your Profile like the photo below.

How to Hide Facebook Friend List Very Easily ?

2.Then click on Friends like the picture below.


3. Click “Edit”

4. Then click serially like the below picture.

If you want to know How to Delete Inactive Facebook Friends in a Minute then just click on that link and you will redirected to that post. Now the work has been done.You can also choose by your wish that who can see your friend list.I have chosen only me.

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How To Remove Unnecessary Facebook App Easily


If you use the internet then you must have a Facebook Account. When we register with some other sites with the help of Facebook Account then we have to allow the Facebook App of that site so that it can publish on your Facebook wall on behalf of you. This is really embarrassing. Because most of the time these Facebook apps publish unnecessary facts. So you want to remove the Facebook Apps. But how? I am showing you the solution.

How To Remove Unnecessary Facebook App Easily

1. Login to your Facebook Account. Look at the right hand corner. There is a Star Button beside the Home page button. Click on that star Button. And then click “Account Settings”

Facebook apps
Facebook apps

2. Look at the Left Hand Lower side. Click on Apps Button.” Now you will get the list of used Apps.   

Facebook Apps

3. Now remove your unnecessary apps by clicking the Cross Mark . Check the box & press Remove Button. In this way you can remove your unnecessary apps.

Facebook apps



Now enjoy Facebook without Facebook App Disturbing. Like our Facebook Fan Page and Follow us in Twitter. If you have any comments thens please go ahead. We are always ready to hear from you. Hope this post will help you a lot.

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Who has Checked Your Facebook Profile

Who Checked Facebook Profile

Facebook Profile:

Everyday we pass a lot of time in facebook. If someone send us friend request then  before confirming we check the applicants profile.On the otherhand if someone want to chat with us then w also check the other side’s profile & in case of checking messages we do the same.Now the question is how can we find that who has done the above activities.To do so we can check the others profile.

Lets see how.

On your wall write  @F &  then press “ENTER” for two times & you will get the desired result

Thats all my friends.Bye.

Write Facebook Status with Amazing Blue Text

Facebook Status with amazing blue Text

If someone has made a tune with this topic then I am sorry.

Anyone can write his Facebook status with blue text which will indicate as hyperlink.

So lets know the very short technique.

1. Write the information which you want to post.

2. Suppose you to post the following information-


Now if you want to make “I WILL DIE” in blue text then paste this   @[1: ]@@[1:[0:1:   just before of   “I WILL DIE” & at the ending point paste   ]]      & post the information & see that “I WILL DIE” in blue text .

Look at the below pictures & you will be clear more.



Ok .bye ,comments please.

How to Decrease the Size of a Photo in Photoshop

Decrease the Size of Photo in Photoshop & post in Facebook

Today i am going to share a very interesting tip of decreasing the photo size in photoshop & then easily share it on Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus etc.. If the size of a photo is 5/6 M.B then it will take enough time to upload it in Facebook. As a result an internet user also wastes cost of net bill. But if you decrease the size of a photo then it can save your net bill & you will be benefited last long & the most important result is it will take only some seconds to upload it. Actually I have learned it from one of my colleague. I am grateful to him.

How to Decrease the Size of a Photo in Photoshop

So lets take a look how doing it.

1. Open Adobe Photoshop.

2. Click “File” at the left upper corner & then Click “Open”

How to Decrease the Size of a Photo in Photoshop

3. Then select your required photo from computer/desktop or from there where you have kept that  photo & click “Open”


4. Then again click “File” at the upper left corner & then click “Save as”


5. Then click “Save” like the below picture. And then a message will show in a box like the picture below & you will click “Ok”


6. Then the JPEG options will show in the box. Change the image options bar from “Large file” to “Small file.” like the picture below. & then click “Ok”


The work has been completed now. Now see the size of that photo & wonder about the sizeThanks a lot to read it though a lot of people know it.

Bye today.