How to Manage Facebook-Twitter-Google-Plus at a time

Facebook-Twitter-Google-Plus At A TIME:

There are a lot of users who want to manage Facebook-Twitter-Google-Plus at a time in a browser. But it is really very difficult to manage those three sites at a time in the same browser without opening more than one tab or window. But Napoleon Bonapart said that, Impossible is a word which is found only in the dictionary of a fool.

So I think that, it is possible to manage Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus at a time. But the Big Question is HOW?

Let’s see the process:

For this process you have to install an addon or extension in your browser named G++. Install it from HERE

Facebook-Twitter-Google-Plus At A TIME

Facebook-Twitter-Google-Plus At A TIME

The Google Chrome browser will now open a new window notifying that it is free. Now the chrome user click on Free like the image below.

Facebook-Twitter-Google-Plus At A TIME

Facebook-Twitter-Google-Plus At A TIME

Confirm New Extension/Add on by clicking Add or Install. The browser will notify that the extension or add on has been added in the browser.

Actually this is a great feed for Facebook,Twitter & google Plus by which anyone can directly share his/her status from Google Plus to Facebook & Twitter. As a result now post,comments & tweet or retweet is very much easy with this great add on/extension. So we can address it as One Stop Social Platform.

It is a great SEO tool to spread your post,comments,photos or like,tweet or retweet so that a lot of visitors can visit your site referring from Facebook-Twitter-Google-Plus at a time. Now a days the Search Engine Google is giving a great value to a site observing the visitors coming from social sites. But it does not mean that you will publish a post and by sharing it a lot of times in the social sites you will make it spam. Be aware of it. So feel free to use this extension/add on & never forget to comments about it that how it helped you.

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