How to Load Your Site Fastly-(100% working)

Load Your Site Fastly:

Today i am going to tell you a way by which you can load your site  fastly & it is 100% working.Actually by compressing the content of a site we do that.Lets see how you can do that.

At first test the load speed of your site by reading This ARticle

Before doing this the loading time of my site is in the image below

1.Log in to your site’s cpanel

2. Click File Manager & then click public_html

N.B. Of  course check the Show Hidden Files like the image below & click Go.



3.Now select the file  file named .htaccess. Then click Download and take the backup of this file so that you can use it in need. You can also do it by selecting this file copy it to public_ftp.Look the image below.

Load Your Site Fastly

4.Then click Edit from the upper row.A box name Text editor will open & click Edit like the image below.

Load Your Site Fastly

5. After opening the file you will see some codes.Then add the below codes at the end of those codes & click Save Changes & then click Close button.

 Load Your Site Fastly

Load Your Site Fastly

6.Then the codes will look like the above image.

Now check your site’s load speed like the above discussed way & if you find any error then upload the backup .htaccess file from public_ftp folder or from your computer.

Now load your site fastly.

What do you find?You can also check my site’s speed. If you have any better way to load a site fastly then please let me and my visitors know by commenting in the comments section.

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