How To Increase Visitor By Google Hottrends

For many reasons we create a website. The life of a site is its’ visitors. Without visitors a site is like a garden without any flowers. So a site owner must have to know how to increase visitor. Now a days there are a lot of ways of SEO. I think Google Hottrends can help a lot to increase visitors for a site as soon as one must take the help of Google Hottrends. Lets see What is it?

How To Increase Visitor By Google Hottrends

Everyday a lot of people search in the search engines to find out their queries. The search engines make a daily list of those searched queries & show the result that how many people has searched for a specific topic in a day in a special territory. Of course you know that google is the most powerful search engine & as a result everyday a lot of people search here to get their satisfied answer. Goole makes an account  of those daily  searched queries which are searched recently in the highest number & show in Hottrends tool.

Let’s have a look by visiting Google Hot Trends:

Google Hottrends

Google Hottrends

If we observe the above Google trends image then we will some keywords as green marked & the searched numbers in Red marked. This is a daily basis result in the USA if you look at the left red marked option.  In this you can find out the hottest trends in other mentioned territories.

How to use it:

If a site owner writes in the most recent highly searched keywords in his/her site searching from Google Hottrends then definitely that site will get a lot of visitors from all over the world & it is proved. So anyone who wants a lot of visitors to his/her site can take the most help of Google Hot Trends.

Look at the above image & see there are three keywords as green marked which are West Texas, Gucci Mane, Amanda Bynes.

If you search some articles on these topics then you will easily get those from Google search & then your job will be to go through those articles very adroitly  & to write on those topics  a new article (separately) in your site with the combination of all information & see that the visitors to your site will increased from all over the world  a lot. This is of course a great technique to increase visitor in a site. I think everybody should apply this technique as a great SEO tool.

Google Hot Trends Link:

Yahoo has also this type of option. I am very busy today. I will write about soon as possible.

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