How to Test Responsive Web-Design on Different Devices

How to Test Responsive Web-Design on Different Devices. First of all, We must have to know that what is Responsive Web-Design ? So far as I know  that, the Web Design which layout is adaptable or visit able or read able on various devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, I-phones, I-pads, Androids based on different screen resolutions without lacking its’ any kind of functionality or beauty is called Responsive Web-Design. That means, the layout design which responses automatically based on definite device with its’ full functionality is called Responsive Web-Design.

How to Test Responsive Web-Design on Different Devices

Who does not know Bill Gates? I will mention a famous dialogue of this world famous, rich man about having a Website.

He says “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”


From the above quotation anyone can understand the necessity of having a website.

Necessity of Responsive Web-Design:

At present a lot of people launch different types of Websites for different purposes. But if a site is not readable or visit able on different devices based on different screen resolutions then I think, that site will be deprived from a lot of visitors coming from all over the world. Actually visitors are the heart of a Website. If there is no visitor of a Website then that site is like a dead man. Less visitors means weak website like a weak man.

So a Website must be compatible to read or visit with its’ full features or functionality on different devices. It’s why the design of a website must be Responsive so that any visitor from anywhere of the world can visit or read that site & can get his/her desired service again & again. It will develop the SEO of that site unbelievably. The Search Engines will provide it a higher rank. And higher rank means high popularity with a lot of visitors & as a result business will be flourished all over the world.

Suppose you have a Home related niche Website called Best Home Gym Equipments. But you don’t know Whether the design of that is Responsive or not? Don’t worry. There are some sites by which you can check the Responsiveness of your site easily.

Go through the below listed sites. Put your site’s URL Address and test the magic.

I have checked my site on and found my site is made by Responsive Web-Design. Let’s see how my site looks on iphone

Responsive Web-Design

Responsive Web-Design

You will get a lot of options to test your Web Design. If you found your Web Design not as Responsive then I will suggest to make it Responsive. If it is created by WordPress then you can easily buy or collect Responsive Theme through many online sites such as Themeforest to make your site responsive with Responsive Web-Design .


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