How to Take Care of Your Touchscreen Smartphone

How to Take Care of Your Touchscreen Smartphone. Now  a days touchscreen/smartphone is very much popular all over the world as it keep pace with the modern technology. As this type of phone run by touch so a user must be very much alert in using it. So a user must know about the safe operation technique of using it. Lets see the techniques of caring a smartphone/touchscreen.

How to Take Care of Your Touchscreen Smartphone

1.Never press forcefully over a touchscreen as it will damage the touch system.

2. Strictly avoid water/oil/sweat on the screen of a smartphone as it will decrease the effectiveness of its’ screen.

3. Never keep your mobile in a dusty area where dust will inactive the touchscreen of a smartphone permanently.

4. Keep your mobile safe from sun rays  or extra heat as it will damage your phone’s touch screen.

5. To protect the touch screen one can use thin screen paper on the touch screen. It will protect the screen from dust or any kind of scratch.

How to Take Care of Your Touchscreen Smartphone

6. Never use detergent/water/any kind of solution to clean it. To clean it use clean & soft cloth/tissue paper.At the time of cleaning the phone must be switched off.

7. Don’t fall the phone from your hand while cleaning it. Because this will break the touch screen. So be careful.

8. If there is any water on the touchscreen of your phone instantly switch off  your mobile & put off the battery. Never switch on the touchscreen mobile as it is wet.

If anyone follow these instructions then the touchscreen of a smartphone will last long. So never hesitate to follow the above given instructions.

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