At Last Nokia will Launch Android Smartphone

Android Smartphone:

Hi friends!How are you today i am going to share a great news with you.That is NOKIA will launch Android Smartphone as soon as possible.Believe it or not NOKIA is thinking to launch Android Smartphone.Now a days Android is much more popular in the mobile market.It’s why NOKIA become bound to do so.Immediately NOKIA launched Windows phone in the market.But the result is not so satisfactory.As a result their popularity is decreasing day by day.So to overcome this problem NOKIA has decided to do so.Its why NOKIA has given a circular to hire a linux specialist.The techno specialist thinks that by this market policy NOKIA will gain their popularity again.

Now a days Android is covering 52% market of Smartphone,windows 8%,0.7% Symbian,& about 20% Iphone…

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