If you want to download a big file from the internet then it will take a huge time to be downloaded. Often it will take 2-3 hours which is really boring. Somebody do this type of job at late night as the net speed was high at that time. So the PC continues its’ job for the whole night. As a result the BUS speed of that PC decreased. But if you take the help of a software then you can auto shutdown or Restart or Hibernate  your PC within a definite mentioned time.

The name of that software is “Auto Shutdown Software”


After the completion of download install it. Now you can set up the settings of this software by yourself as you wish. There are three sections of this software.

1. General Actions

2. Idle Actions &

3. Hot Keys

General Actions:

By checking the “Action Schedule Enabled” you can enable your preferred action from the Actions &  Action Scheduling Section. You can also set up a definite date & time from here like the image below.


Idle Actions:

In this section the Action should be enabled by checking Idle Action Enabled option. Then you can set it as your wish. Lets see the image below for this section.


Hot Keys:

 In this section you can easily set up your hot keys for different actions. See the image below.

fgActually it is really very much easy to use it. Once install it & I think you can manage it by yourself in a simple way. So don’t hesitate to download & install auto shutdown.

If there is any problem then comments please.

N.B. If you can’t find the installed software then find it in the All program Sections.

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