Differences Between WordPress.com & WordPress.org

Now a days WordPress is very much popular all over the world as it is very much easy to operate & its’ popularity is increasing day by day. But often we see .com & .Org with WordPress. Then generally a question arise that what is the differences between WordPress.com & WordPress.org.Most probably when you will appear at the Odesk WordPress test there this question will must have to answer as a basic knowledge of WordPress. The father of WordPress Matt Cuppar was also asked this question. So off course this is a very important question the WordPress users indeed.

Differences Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress.com WordPress.org
1. It is like a rented house, because here the real owner of a blog is WordPress 1. It is your own home because here you are the 100% real owner of your blog.
2. Here the Security & update belongs to WordPress. 2. All kinds of responsibilities belongs to you. So become alert.
3. Here designing is limited. You have no opportunity to show your designing creativity. 3. Here Design your blog as you wish with unlimited free themes & flourish your creativity.
4. Here there is no opportunity to use Plugin 4. Here you can use plugin by your wish & it is unlimited.
5. Here advertising is forbidden. So you have no chance to earn by advertising. 5. As you are owner of your blog here. So there is no hindrance to earn by Advertising.
6. Here you can’t upload file as many as you want as the storage power is limited. 6. Here you can upload file as many as you want as your storage power is unlimited comparing to web server or hosting.
7. Without money you can’t use your own domain. So you have to continue with sub domain. 7. You can use your domain or sub domain as you wish.
8. Here you will not get a good result by Search Engine Optimization 8. Here you will get a good result by Search Engine Optimization.
9. Here using of Widget is limited. 9. Here you can use unlimited Widget.

So now you have understood which is the best & user friendly. And don’t hesitate to use WordPress.og to enjoy a very happy blogging.Bye today. Have a very nice day.

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