Make your Browser Friendly with Eyes at Night

There are many internet users who love to work at night. So the white background of the browser creates many problems at their eyes. Actually it is very much harmful for our eyes.Today I am going to solve this problem.

For Google chrome users:

Download the High Contrast extension from Here.

Then click on the icon of High Contrast & the colour of your page will be changed.That means the white will turned to black & the color of the pictures will not change.If you don’t like black & white then you can change to another colours.

You can set different settings for different websites. To Enable/Disable  you can use Ctrl+Shift+F11 as a keyboard shortcut.Actually this is really a nice trick. You can check it by using.

For Firefox:

Install Blank Your Monitor  add-on for Firefox & restart it. And then by using keyboard shortcut change the color of your webpage. But it is different from Google Chrome. Because you can choose your color as your wish. This is why it is more favorable  to  Firefox than to chrome.

Ok bye today.


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