What is Page-Rank and Backlink and Their Importance

This topic is not new to the old but new to the beginners.So i am trying to give a view on the above mentioned topic.If there is any missing then please comments.

What is page-Rank:

Actually page rank indicates the importance of a site.Generally it is defined from 0 to 10. It is given by Google.

Page-Rank detection:

Google automatically updates the page rank of a site after every 3 months by keeping the importance on back link.That means if your site is important to others then they will link your site in their sites.So you must have to increase the importance of your site to the targeted customers doing something extra ordinary activities so that they become bound to link your site to their site.The site which has enough back link increased its’ page rank day by day.

What is Back-Link:

Back-Link means how many links of your site’s has been linked to other sites’.

Calculate Back-Link:

From the below mentioned site you can calculate the back-links of your site.


Calculating Page Rank:

Visit the below mentioned sites to calculate the page rank of your site.


Ways of Increasing Page Rank:

1.Increase the back link of your site.

2.Increase the sub-domain of your site.The more you have sub-domain the more you have page -rank.

3.Everyday add a new page in your site.

4.Link your sites in those sites which has increased page rank such as blogspot.com

5.Don’t use the same title in more than one page.

Ways of increasing Back link:

1.Submit your site url in different web directories.

2.Review about your site in different sites.

3.Request your friends to link your site’s url in their sites.

4.Open a lot of free sites by free hosting & submit your site’s link in those websites.

Importance of page Rank:

1.If the page rank is not satisfactory then in the search engine result your site will be not within 10.

2.There will not enough visitor.

3.Not enough income by adsense and so on.

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