Download Unlimited Full of Fun Addictive Game Flamingo Drive

Download Unlimited Full of Fun Addictive Game Flamingo Drive. Playing this type of game on PC is very much favorable for me. Perhaps I will find some people who are in the same mind to play the addictive game. Today I will suggest you to play a new & very attractive & addictive game named Flamingo Drive. Somebody also say it as Yeti Game. Because the game will be played by an Yeti.

This is a point based game which will always encourage you to collect more points & you will be bound to do so for its’ attractive & addictive gaming way. If you start to play it then without play a lot of rounds you can’t shut down your PC.

Rules & Requirements:

This is a Flash Addictive Game which needs no special requirement & rules. Even the Windows 98 users can also play this game without any hindrance.

You will find the downloaded game as a zip folder. Unzip the folder. Now click double & the addictive game will start. Start the game by clicking Play Button. Look an animal like a monkey is catching a crane like a stick. There is a small bird in front of it. There is a zebra also.

Download Unlimited Full of Fun Addictive Game Flamingo Drive

At the right hand there is a Power Button & at the left of it a director is indicating up & down. Your job is to when the red mark will rise up to the most then to click the mouse & in which angle you want to hit if the pointer direct that angel then click the mouse second time Look the bird is flying ahead after the hit. In this way you will continue your hit & achieve a lot of points. by achieving points in this way you challenge yourself a lot of times & of course it will make you happy.

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So download this amazing addictive  game from HERE.   & enjoy the game you will be bound to say an awesome addictive game. Like our Facebook Fan Page and Follow us in Twitter. If the download link don’t work please comment in the comment box.

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