The Importance of Directory Submissions

Now a days the importance of directory submissions is known to all. Though I am trying to point out the necessity of it.If there is any furthermore then inform me please.

1. It will increase traffic to your website.

2. Your website will be notified by the search engines.

3. It will increase ranking position on the various search engines.

4. It will increase inbound/backlinks.

5. It is a great website optimization strategy.

6. The submission of a website to a directory passed the scrutiny & editing by an actual person who determines how relevant & unique your website is. So the credibility of a site establishes a directory & the search engines will also consider this type of website. As a result the traffic will increase to your site.

7. If your website has enough directory submission & backlinks then search engines will determine the relevance & qualify the website accordingly.

8. If you have low content of your site then the search engines may not categorize your site but if your site is submitted to a directory by category then a search engine will easily categorize your website.

9. It will be very much effective if you submit your website in a local directory.

Hope all of you have understood the importance of directory submissions. If you have any better idea then please comments in the comments section. Bye today.

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