10-Best WordPress Learning Sites of The World

Best WordPress Learning Sites

Best WordPress Learning Sites:

10-Best WordPress Learning Sites of The World. Now a days WordPress is very much popular in the web design & development world as it is very much easier to learn & operate.The man who has no any programming knowledge also can easily make & operate a site with the help of WordPress.Though if you want to learn to be the best in WordPress site making then you must have to go through some world renowned recommended best WordPress learning sites.From these sites a newcomer can learn WordPress very easily going through step by step.

The list of Best WordPress Learning Sites are:-

1. codex.wordpress.org

2. wp.tutsplus.com

3. problogdesign.com

4. wprecipes.com

5. wpbeginner.com

6. wpcandy.com

7. wp.smashingmagazine.com

8. 1stwebdesigner.com

9. wpdesigner.com

10. hongkiat.com

So a new learner must visit these Best WordPress Learning sites one after another & will be adroit in WordPress site making & operating.

Always remember-There is no any alternative of learning which can help you seriously in the whole life. Life is full of learning. If you learn a lot & can apply those learning then who will create obstacles for you in the way of success. If you have any comments related to 10-Best WordPress Learning Sites of The World then please we are waiting in the comment section. Hope this tune will help you a lot in case of learning WordPress. Like our Facebook Fan Page and Don’t forget to Follow us on Twitter.

10-Best WordPress Theme

10-Best WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme:

Now a days a lot of people are making sites with wordpress as it is very much user friendly.To build a wordpress site it must need a theme by which a site become flourished & developed.Whatwpthemeisthat.com is a site where anyone can check the using theme in a wordpress site.As they check it daily so its result is very much important to all of us.It has published a result that what themes the wp sites are using a lot.

The list is as below:

1. WordPress

2. Studio Press(Genesis)

3. Thesis  (DIYthemes)

4. ThemeForest

5. WooThemes

6. Elegant Themes

7. Theme Junkie

8. OptimizePress

9. Solostream

So choose the best theme & design your site.


How to Check Plugin and Theme of a WP Site

Now a days WordPress is very much popular to create a website very easily.So about everyone is choosing it. By this opportunity everyday  a lot of Web Developers are coming in the light of adroitness. As it is very much easy to operate a WordPress site by its plugins & themes then about everyone has a desire to know that what kinds of plugins & themes has been used by a very good wordpress site.

Today I will provide a solution of this problem.


2.Then put your desired sites’ URL & click CHECK.

Now you will get your desired result.

Thanks a lot for studying this post.

If there is any query then comments without any hesitation please.


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If you want to find this type of similar sites  which will help you to find out other wordpress sites plugin & theme then



List of some WordPress Related Post Plugin


WordPress Related Post Plugin:

I hope that all of you know about WordPress plugin.Today i want to say about “Related Post Plugin”.By this plugin we can find related post easily.In WordPress  we will get this type of plugins a lot.You can use anyone.

There are some plugins with link in the below:

1.For related post with photo:


2.If you want to show only link then:


The above plugin will show other post’s link by calculating your sites’ category.

This link will provide you to show related post with thumbanil.Not only that, you can show many images for your site from zamanta gallery:


3.But personally i will suggest you for this plugin:


Specially if you have images in every post.By this plugin you will be able to see related category,post,tag even whatever you wish.You can make your post readable with image or without image.You can control the images size by your wish.Actually bigger image always attract the visitors & make them bound to go through a post.So i think this is the best Related Post Plugin for WordPress blog site.

Have a nice day.Till then bye.



Protect WordPress Sites by Login Lock Down Plugin


Now a days most of the famous  blogs are using WordPress for their site for its advantages.Beside it there is a problem of it too & that is its’ security system.As there is no any CAPTCHA security here,its easy to break the security system as most of the site owners use ADMIN as a log in id.So one should use another id instead of ADMIN.Though the system is not 100% secured.To secure the security system one can use Login LockDown Plugin which is really very much effective.It will always monitor your log in system & if anyone try to log in from an IP again & again & can’t log in then this plugin will block all the Ips related to the range of that IP. So he/she will be unable to try to log in again.As a result the security system will be better than the previous condition.So don’t late to use this plugin.

How to use:

If you are the owner of a WordPress blog site then log in to your Admin account.

1.Click Plugins & then click Add New .

2.In the search bar write down the plugin’s name & click Search plugins.

3.You will see the plugins name .Click Install now & then confirm installation.

Thats all.Now you are safer then the previous position.

Bye today.If there is any problem then comments please.