17-Bullet Tips To Take Care of a Laptop Battery


17-Bullet Tips to Take Care of a Laptop Battery. Laptop is really a very necessary machine now a days.About a lot of people use it but very few people know about the way to take care of a laptop battery. In this way the battery is one type of heart of a laptop.If there is no battery power then without electricity you can’t operate it.So we must know the rules to take care of a laptop battery.

17-Bullet Tips to Take Care of a Laptop Battery

Let’s see the following tips:

1. Decrease the brightness of the screen of your laptop at the time of using

2. Minimize the unnecessary windows.

3. Switch off the Bluetooth & Wi-fi connection.

4. Play movie/song or anything else from hard disk. If you play it from dvd/cd rom it then will take more power from the battery.

5. Keep open the path of air vent so that air can pass easily. Don’t try to open the air vent when laptop is running.

6. Laptop positioning will be in such a way so that air can pass easily.

7. Use Hibernate option in lieu of Shut Down

8. Keep the laptop free from direct Sunlight.

9. Clean the connector line of the battery in a routine way.

10. Keep closed the unnecessary programs.

11. Don’t do any maintenance related work of Hard Disk & CPU.

12. If you use your laptop by electricity then use it 1 or 2 days in a week by battery. Otherwise  the will be damaged.

13. At the time of laptop starting Keep closed the unnecessary programs

14. Keep away to use your data connectedly from smartphone, usb port, pendrive, memory card or something else.

15. Use air cooler machine to keep the laptop cool. Because excessive heat is danger for the battery.

16. Use defragment once in a week.

17. Uninstall unnecessary software/programs.

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How to Get Laptop Battery Information ?

Hi friends!How are you?Today i am gonna tell you how a laptop user can be informed his laptop battery using a freeware named Batteryinfoview”

It can also be used in netbook computers too.It shows the latest information & status of a battery.With this freeware you can get the details information of a battery such as battery name,manufacture name,serial number etc.To know more look at the picture below.

It also provides a log window, which adds a new log line containing the battery status every 30 seconds or any other time interval that you choose.

Click on the red circle of the above picture to know about advanced options.You will see like the below picture.


1.Press F7 to know battery information,

2.Press F8 to know about battery log.


  • It works on any version of Windows, starting from windows 2000 and up to Windows 7.
  • Some information, like serial number and manufacture date is only showed if the battery provides this information.

Download: BatteryInfoView

18-Bullet Tips and Tricks to Take Care of a Laptop Fully

18-Bullet Tips and Tricks to Take Care of a Laptop

18-Bullet Tips and Tricks to Take Care of a Laptop Fully. Laptop is a very popular pc all over the world because of its carrying capability.But if you can’t take care properly then it will be in a dead position within a very short period & off course most of the buyer will not be affordable to buy it very quickly again. So any laptop user must know the Tips and Tricks to Take Care of a Laptop Fully.

18-Bullet Tips and Tricks to Take Care of a Laptop

1. Excessive heat is the main & difficult problem of a laptop. A laptop become hot very quickly comparing to desktop.So many problems such as hang,restart again & again etc problems showed in a laptop.Even the internal devices can be inactive very quickly which are not cheap to buy.We can open a desktop when we wish which is not so possible in case of a laptop.

2. Use your laptop in such a place where air can pass very easily & if possible then afford A.C.  system . In this way you can keep your laptop cool from 20% to 30%.

3. The cooling fan of a laptop pass its inner heat by its underpass.So set your laptop in such a way at the time of using where there will be enough space under a laptop so that the  inner heat can pass away very easily & the fresh air can pass into the laptop without any hindrance.Because the blank space under a laptop is not enough to pass its inner heat.So the laptop becomes hot very easily.

4. Never use your laptop over bed/mattress as it can not pass its inner heat.

5. Keep your laptop over a cooling machine & use it very easily. A cooling machine helps a lot to keep a laptop cool at the time of using. So everyone should use Cooling machine.

6. Never use it by keeping in charging as it becomes hot very easily if you do so. So if you don’t have any problem then try to use a laptop after charging it properly. So a laptop will get the chance of discharging.

7. If it is not so urgent then don’t use keypad cover as it don’t pass the inner heat from spreading in the air.

8. Don’t pack it in a  bag after shut down instantly. Give it time to be cool for about 15 minutes. Never carry it by keeping it hibernate mode. In that case shut down it.

9. After buying a laptop at first keep the laptop in charge  for 3/4 hours without any disconnection so that the battery will last long.

10. When the charge is full then disconnect the charger.Otherwise it is harmful for battery & the inner parts.

11. Always discharge your laptop fully twice in a week to work the battery better.

12. Use alternative keypad. Because if the original gone then …you know.

13. Always use the Best  quality Antivirus such as Kaspersky,Norton,Avast etc with full license even by buying from the market. Every year renew it.

14. The monitor/glass/screen  of a laptop is very much sensitive.Keep it safe  from dust & any type of heat or injury. Keep a laptop far from the children & keep it in a safe place from where it will not move away.Because its parts are very much expensive & difficult to replace.

15. Don’t press the laptop screen by your fingers.It will really be a highly foolish type job.

16. Clean the laptop screen with tissue paper/cotton/very soft cloth so that no scratch will appear.

17. Don’t use your laptop for long time like as a desktop.Keep it in rest. Then it will be cool.

18. When you will buy a laptop then take the backup files in a CD or DVD so that in time of need you can setup your laptop by yourself very easily.Because the shopkeeper will not provide it freely. So ask him about it & collect it even by paying for it.

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