Google Glass Will be Released in 2014

Google Glass

If you want to buy a Google Glass at the end of 2013 as Google has announced so. Then you have to appear in the exam by having patience until the first of 2014 as Eric Schmidt-the Chairman of Google has newly announced that in an interview with the BBC.

Google Glass:

According to the Chairman, Google will make some changes in the Explorer Edition before final release for the consumers & in the early in 2014 a consumer will be able to buy it.

Recently Google has supplied to its’ developers (about a thousand) the explorer Edition Glass headsets. They will use it over the next months & on their feedback Google will make some product changes.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin told in June 2012 that Google Glass will be available to the consumers in the early in 2013.

The Chairman did not say anything about its’ price. But according to the technologists it will be less than 1500$ & according to the New York Times Google is trying to set the price from 200$ to 600$.

The chairman also said that the consumers will find new social etiquettes in this glass.

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Best Way to Create Google Backlink

Google Backlink:

Who don’t know about google?Everybody knows about it. To create a backlink in google is really a great matter to enjoy for a website.Because it will increase not only the pagerank of a site but also the traffic too.So lets see the process.

1. Log in to with your gmail id.

2.Click Profile button at the left top corner.

3. Then click “Edit Profile”  at the middle upper side.


4. Scroll down & click at Links button like the image below.


5. Then click Add Custom Link.

6. Write a label name as you wish & add your desired URL like the image below & click save button.


7.Then click Done Editing Button i n the upper site.


You have completed your process.So enjoy backlink with awsome

Like this way You can also add another url to get backlink from

Best of Luck today & comments please to encourage me.


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Save Webpage As PDF In Google Chrome

Hi friends,How are you?I am fine.Today i am gonna share a trick with all of you.That is how you can save a web page as PDF directly on Google Chrome.


1.Press Ctrl+P.You will find a picture like below.



2.Click Change(Under Send to One Note 2010).Then click save as PDF. Then you will get the picture like below.


3.Then Click Save & Choose the destination where do you want to save it as PDF.

4.Click OK

Now heck your destination folder.You will find that webpage saved as PDF.

Thanks to all.If there is any problem then comments pls.