10 Best Blogging Learning Sites To be a Great Blogger in 2017

10 Best Blogging Learning Sites To be a Great Blogger

10 Best Blogging Learning Sites To be a Great Blogger. If you want to learn something or a specific topic then you will get a lot of materials in internet but there must have some contradictories about the best. Though we need to learn. If you want to learn blogging then I will must suggest the below mentioned top 10 blogging learning sites by which anyone can be a great or adroit blogger.

10 Best Blogging Learning Sites To be a Great Blogger

  1. www.businessinsider.com
  2. www.engadget.com
  3. www.huffingtonpost.com
  4. www.mashable.com
  5. www.problogger.net
  6. www.menwithpens.ca
  7. www.copyblogger.com
  8. www.Chrisbrogan.com
  9. www.smartpassiveincome.com
  10. www.thesimpledollar.com

Actually this blogging sites’ list has been given by many blogging experts. So don’t be late to check these sites for becoming an outstanding adroit blogger.

8-Bullet Tips To Be Great Blogger Effectively in 2017


8-Bullet Tips To Be Great Blogger Effectively in 2017. If you are the CEO of a blog or want to be in the future then your main target is to present your posts very smartly so that your blog gets or will get a lot of visitor, satisfied google pagerank, a lot of backlinks & a better position in the search engine results.As a result you will will earn a lot by your desired blog.By setting your goal a blogger can apply many techniques to be successful.But today i will share 8 bullet tips to be great blogger.

8-Bullet Tips To Be Great Blogger Effectively in 2017

1. Write a lot:

The first tips to be great blogger is to write a lot in his blog.There is a saying that Practice makes a man perfect.If you do so then by practicing again & again to write an article or post seems to very much easy to you & the quality of writing will be much more developed.The more you write in your blog the more search engine  availability.As a result more visitor will visit your site as they will get their desired content.Actually a great blogger pass a lot of time in writing.

2. Write in Short:

A good blogger always writes  in short to express his/her ideas.Now a days no one has a lot of time to read a long & difficult post/article.When the article/post is very much necessary then the case is different.But most of the time the post/article should be short,easily understandable & will take a short time to go through it.If you notice then you will find out  that those who are success in the world they always talk a little bit over mobile & answer mail with some limited words.In blogging this example is really truth.

3.Write with Image:

An image can express a lot of words. If you write a post with related images then it will clear the topic vividly.So write with related images.

4. Analytical Ability:

A good blogger always keep a good analytical knack. He will notice the visitors  coming way & in which topic they were searching.So by keeping this result  in mind a good blogger creates his/her post/article/content.

5. Always Learn:

The best tips to be great blogger is a great blogger always learn.If a blogger thinks that he has learnt a lot the he/she never can’t be a great blogger. A great idea or information always spread in the internet very fastly.So its’ the duty of a blogger to learn from those changes & keep pace with his/her blogging.

6.Definite Topic:

A great blogger always give attention to a definite type of topic/category.So a definite type of visitors visit that blog site.If you want to write for a definite territory then you must have to find out that what they like to know.Then you will be successful.

7. A good Planner:

A great blogger always write with a great plan.There is a saying that Before you start anything think about the ending result.Blogging needs a lot of time.If you start today then it will probably take 2 years to get satisfied visitor.So plan today for the better future.

8. Have Patience:

A great blogger always must keep patience for result oriented success.If he/she become looser then he/she never become disappointed & try again & again.

You can also learn bullet tips to be great blogger from some famous sites. These are

So I hope that, all of you will follow the  above mentioned bullet tips to be great blogger.Bye today & encourage me by your most valuable comments.