How To Claim A Site On Perfectly

The last day I have discussed in Tips to improve a site’s Alexa rank. There I  have also discussed why Alexa ranking is very much necessary for a site. There I have discussed to claim a site on but didn’t tell you the way of claiming. Today I will show you the way how to claim a site or blog on with proven step by step description or images.

How to Claim a Site:

  • First sign up at by providing e-mail addresses & other necessary information. Then verify your given e-mail address by logging to your email address. If you could not find out the sent email from then find out it in the spam folder. But it does not mean that it ia a spam mail. Sometimes it happens . why? Why I will answer it later.
  • Then you will be logged in to, On the other hand those who have been already signed up at they just need to log in at by providing e-mail addresses & password.
  • Then click on this Link and You will be Redirected to a pgae named ‘Claim Your Site to verify ownership.’
  • Then enter your site’s URL in the box & click ‘Continue’
  • Now to verify or claim your site three methods will be showed to you. These are 1. Upload an Alexa verification file to your site’s root directory 2. Add an Alexa verification ID to your homepage 3. Certify your site’s metrics (Only available in Alexa Pro).
  • You can choose any method. I will suggest that you should choose that method which is easy to you. If you upgrade your free account to Alexa Pro only then you can choose the no 3 method. Otherwise you have to choose between Method 1 and 2.
  • I have chosen the method no 2. So click on Method No 2. Now a verification ID will be given to you. Add this ID to your site’s homepage. Then click on Verify my ID
  • If you have access to your site’s html code then I think it is the best method to verify it with html meta tag. It’s why you have to copy the given html meta tag and paste it to your site’s homepage’s <head> section html area.
  • How To Claim A Site On ?
  • When you have added it now click on Verify my ID
  • If you have correctly added the html meta tag then by clicking it will show that ‘Your site is successfully claimed’. If you can’t add the meta tag correctly then it will show an error message. So If you don’t have any idea about html then you should n’t choose this method. Then you have to go to method no 1.
  • How To Claim A Site On ?
  • If you choose the method no 1 then you can do it by Uploading their given file to the Root directory of your site. For this first you must have to Download their given file. After uploading the file then click Verify the File on your Site.
  • Now Scroll to top. Click on My Dashboard. Now fill up the site information and contact info and save the information. It’s nott compulsory. But It will help your site in ranking higher. Hope you understood.

This is the way how to claim a site or any blog on very easily. If you have any question related to this then please comment in the comment section or you can also contact with me. Like us on Facebook and Follow me on Twitter.

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No more today, bye!

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