How To Make Your PC Core I7 Permanently ?

Make PC Core I7 :

Now a days a lot of people use high configuration PC from all over the world. Everyone has a desire of using high configuration PC like core i7. But it is highly impossible for most of us if we look into our wallet. So What ? It does not mean that we will stop the process to make our pc core i7. It’s why today i’m gonna tell you the method of making any pc core i7 permanently.

Let’s See the Process:

1. Dowload the software named “C i 7 shuvo.exe” from
or, i 7 Shuvo.rar.html

2. After extracting double click the winrar file.

3. Your mission has been completed. That means now your pc’s configuration is now core i7

If you don’t believe it,then right click on your computer & enter properties.What happened?

Many one says that, after restart the pc will go to its previous version.Then i challenge to do that & check it.Though you restart your pc ,the configuration will not changed.The magic is here. Really amazing. I have checked it in my PC. It’s why I am telling so. It’s really very authentic and To use the mentioned software is fully safe. Don’t think about that. Actually it depends upon your belief.

Bonus Tips:



If you become bored by using high configuration & want to go back to the previous version of your PC then enter

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Here you will see a file named “” gg “” . Dele it & Restart the PC.You will get back your previous configuration.

Is it funny guys? Then comments please. If you have any better funny tips then please let me and my visitors know by commenting in the comments section. Bye Today.

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