What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Apple IWatch

Apple iWatch

Apple IWatch: Apple finally unveiled Apple IWatch at fall media event of Apple in Cupertino, California along with iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus. Apple watch was in fact most anticipated product during these years. It is first new product category of Apple since 2010. This is another entry in the world of smart watches. What all … Read more

Intel Will Launch Online TV Service This Year

INTEL will launch online TV Service

Online TV:

The famous computer chipmaker Intel Corp. recently officially confirmed that it will launch online tv service this year.Intel media executive Erick Huggers said that intel will offer own set-top box by which it will be able to stream live tv in the world & it will also offer content in case of important demands.

According to the Reuters International news service Huggers told at AllthingsDigital’s Dive into Media Conference in Dana point,Calif-“We have been working for (the past) year to set up Intel Media, a new group focused on developing an Internet platform,”

He also said, “It’s not a value play, it’s a quality play where we’ll create a superior experience for the end user,”

He also said that in intel set-top box there will be a camera to lead content & ads automatically to specific users.This is really amazing & surprising.

Hugger launched iplayer for the BBc in 2007 & also worked at Microsoft


iWatch-The Biggest Innovation for Apple



Al of you know about ipod & its use. You keep it in your pocket. But if you get all those opportunities in your phone then what will you say.Yes ,this is of course an amazing news indeed.There is a churning over the rumors that Apple is going to launch a wearable computing product named iWatch.

This product has already moved beyond test stages.It will really be a great smart watch.Apple has introduced iPad in 2010.Since then Apple is surprising us day by day.


Bruce Tognazzini,the founder of Apple’s Human Interface Group who no longer works for Apple now already wrote about the probability of  iwatch.

There will be a great combination of some different devices in iwatch which will give us some extra advantages than the other computers/laptop/ipod. Whatever may be the launch price this is really a great charming news if the rumor become true.

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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Apple IWatch

So all of us will wait if the iwatch of Apple to be launched. Me in Facebook and Twitter.


No Bar to Visit Youtube in the Whole World Now

Youtube was banned in many muslim countries of the world including Bangladesh as it has shown the cinema named “Innocence of Muslim’. Now this site is open for all.There is no any bar to visit this site now from anywhere of the world.Those who used to use proxy site to visit it,now they no need to do so. Now anyone can directly visit this site.

Actually the Zihad from the Muslims banned youtube in different Muslim Countries.

Best of luck.


How to Find The Similar Sites with a Great Search Engine

Find the Similar Sites

To find the similar sites manually is really a very tough job for everyone of us. But there are some search engine sites by which we can easily find out the similar sites. By a site we can do a lot of things. Commercially it is really very much necessary to find the similar sites because of competitive mentality.

How to Find The Similar Sites

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Today i am going to tell you about a search engine which will help you to find the similar sites very easily.

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Find Similar Sites

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