How to Know The Sent email Has Been Read or Not ?

Sent email has been read or not?

If you sent email to someone then it is naturally impossible to know the condition whether it has been read or not. But you can know it by spypig. So let’s check the way out to get the answer.

How to Know The Sent email Has Been Read or Not ?

The process:

1. Register at by your e-mail address.

2. Click on the left side panel named“MySpyPig Factory“. Put your mobile address in  “Your email address” option

3. Write your e-mail heading in “Your message title” option.

4. Click “Select your SpyPig tracking image”    & select your image. This image will track whether the email has been read or not. This image has to mail with the e-mail. You can also choose your own photo.

5. Click “Create My SpyPig” 

6. Now copy the below image & paste it in your mail or mail signature within 60 seconds.

Now if you sent email to someone then if the reader read it then an e-mail named “SpyPig Notification” will be sent to your email & you will be informed.This e-mail will say how many times the reader has read it,the ip address,used browser etc information.Its really a funny system. Like our Facebook Fan Page and Follow us in Twitter.

How to Send Big Files through e-mail


We often try to send big files through email. But this is really very tough & very often we become unable to do so. We can solve this

problem by “ WinMend File Splitter”(2.13 MB) which will separate a big file into some pieces & then it will send it part by part.

1. First select the place of that file which you want to make into pieces by clicking SOURCE FILE. Then select a folder in OUTPUT.

2. We can increase the number of pieces/blogs whatever we wish & then click the SPLIT button.

3. Then go to out folder & attach those pieces /blogs of that file.



Bye today.